Zahraniční trenér do oddílů

Hello. My name is Pontus Rydström and i’m a Swedish elite player and the head coach of one of swedens biggest badminton clubs.
Im 22 years old and my biggest focus is on becoming the head coach for a nation and lead the country to titels. Being one of the players wouldnt be that wrong either.

I’m one of those persons who is always looking to improve my knowledge and i dont agree with that im too young to be a good coach like alot of peopel think. Why focus on young players and not young coaches?

Im sending you this email because im wondering if you have any place for me in a club or at the national team as either a coach or a player. Im willing to change my nationality if it means i will be able to play for a national team. Im not good enough to play for the swedish national team but they have been talking about me being the coach for one of our national teams.

Im looking for something more steady. I want to have 100% of my income throu badminton and im willing to combine working at a club, working for the national team, and playing myself. The next step in my carrer is to find a job like this, are you the nation that can offer me that? Then send me an email and I will respond as soon as I can.
Im not picky even thou im loyal. I have send this email to every nation in europe that i would be interested in coaching or playing for. According to me its better to be honest and hope you dont turn me down because of it.

#Why do we focus on young players but not young coaches?
Best Regards Pontus Rydström